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Here at CrossFit AVA, we have a fitness family led by some of the best athletes. They have worked incredibly hard to get where they are today and are they will to carry you through your fitness journey every step of the way.

 Jessica Lucero    Christian Lucero   Lauren Domokos  Henry Ulloa

Jessica Lucero


Jessica Lucero is a very devoted, skillful, caring and passionate coach here at CrossFit AVA. She is a household name in the sport of Olympic lifting. Jessica has had over 12 years experience in the sport, with her success as a 58K National Champion & American Record Holder.

She also has been a Worlds Team weightlifter and is currently in the running for the 2016 Olympics! If anyone knows how to succeed, its Jessica. She is the epitome of someone who follows their dreams and makes them come true.

You can feel the love she has for her sport in how involved she is as a coach. Jessicas approach as a coach is not only technical and brilliant, but unique because she devotes herself to your success in a way that makes you feel like an Olympian each time you step into our training hall. Having Jessica here to share her passion for Olympic lifting as a coach is a true asset to AVA.


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Christian Lucero


Christian Lucero is not only our head coach at here at CrossFit AVA, but he is a highly recognized athlete in the world of CrossFit. He has built notoriety as a truly talented competitor in the sport; with one of his greatest accomplishments being his 1st place finish at the Crossfit Southwest Regionals in 2015.

Christian continues his career path with his outstanding ranking in 2016 as one of the best athletes in not only Southern California, but Worldwide! Christians success comes from his unrelenting commitment to his performance and his career.

What makes Christian so special to AVA is that he dedicates himself to this gym in the same way he dedicates himself to CrossFit. He inspires athletes to have hope and follow their dreams, however big or small they may be. Christian is meticulous and diligent in his coaching methods. He makes certain everyone receives the best care and attention they deserve. Christian represents how hard work and dedication is the road to success here at AVA.


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Henry Ulloa


Henry Ulloa is one of our most athletic, competitive and driven athletes here at AVA. As a coach, Henry is willing to go the extra mile to help any athlete succeed.

He pours the passion he has for his craft into building that same foundation for fellow athletes.  As youthful in age as Henry may be, he is an athlete that is wise beyond his years. Henry has an eclectic background in sports, playing highly competitive like Rugby, Muy Thai and Football for many years.

He also has over 5 years of experience in the sport of CrossFit, making him a spectacular addition to AVA. Henry is also a local competitor and continues to show that he is a force to be reckoned with!  Henry will motivate and inspire you to not only reach your goals, but to surpass them!


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Lauren Domokos


Lauren is one of our most positive and spirited coaches at AVA! When shes not lifting weights, shes making people smile, laugh and enjoy their time at AVA. Lauren has been involved in CrossFit for over 3 years, with over 2 years of coaching experience. Dedication, determination and a positive attitude has gotten her very far in her athletic career.

When first introduced to CrossFit, Lauren was a beginner to the sport. However, with her competitive athletic background in sports like gymnastics and softball, as well as her drive to challenge herself every day, she has become one of our most successful athletes.

She likes to compete in local competitions and push herself in the gym each and every day. Her success is something every member can aspire achieve when they walk in our doors. Laurens passion and commitment to our athletes is integral to AVAs success!


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