Do you want to make a lifestyle change?

Joining the AVA F.I.T challenge is a fun and FREE way to get fit and kick start a healthier lifestyle for the New Year. The AVA F.I.T program will challenge you to break your unwanted habits, lose weight or overcome fears. We welcome you to be a part of our community of people who strive to better themselves everyday.

New Year, New You!

We are looking for individuals who are willing to make the effort to change their lives for the better and live a healthier lifestyle. BE FULLY COMMITTED. You have to want this! You have to want our help and apply our guidance.

This challenge offers a 30 day FREE gym membership at CrossFit AVA with some of the best coaches in the industry, some Shakelee nutrition and free apparel. No hidden fees are required to enter this program, all that is required is your commitment and a positive attitude.

JOIN this FREE AVA F.I.T Challenge today!

YOU are your only competition! Email us at

AGE: 18 and up
Fee: FREE!!!
Location: CrossFit AVA – 948 N Lemon St. Orange, CA 92867
Dates: Jan 2, 2017 – Jan 28, 2017


  • You can come by the CrossFit AVA gym and fill out the application form. Then you’ll be contacted within 2-3 business days for an interview.
  • Email the application along with your name, address and phone number to


  1. Email your information to or come into our CrossFit AVA Gym to fill out an application.
    • Our AVA F.I.T. programmer will contact you to set up an interview
    • We will be selecting 5-10 individuals for the AVA F.I.T. Challenge
  2. Congrats! You’ve been selected. How do you start?
    • It is a requirement to take at least 4 fundamentals class before starting a CrossFit class.
      • Fundamentals – a class to start conditioning beginners with the basic steps of CrossFit.
      • We also offer endurance and yoga classes that doesn’t require any prerequisite to start.
    • You’ll be required to workout at least 4x a week to be eligible to continue with the AVA F.I.T. Challenge.
      • Check our schedule on our website to see what fits
    • Mandatory meetup/workout every Wednesday at 7pm
    • Weigh-in and measurement will be taken at the beginning and end of the program. An additional weigh-in will be taken mid-program as well.
    • A week of Shaklee nutrition will be provided to help kick start your supplementation and recovery.
      • Additional Shaklee nutrition will be at your discretion
    • Finish!
      • Now its up to you to take what you learn during the AVA F.I.T. Challenge and keep on improving on yourself.
        • Exclusive! : We are giving anybody that has completed the AVA F.I.T. Challenge a one-time offer of $100 each/month for 3 months Unlimited gym membership (normally $185/month)


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